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5 Birthday Presents for your Bookworm Friends

5 Birthday Presents for your Bookworm Friends

It's my birthday and I'll read if I want to!

Okay, my birthday is actually on October 24th. But who can stop me from celebrating a little early?? And since my birthday is at the end of the month, I've actually been celebrating all month long. I've loved celebrating my birthday since I was little - I was born on my Grandpa's birthday and we celebrated together every year until he died. Here we are celebrating my 21st birthday and his 80th birthday - two big ones for us!


Are you a bookworm wanting to treat yourself on your birthday? Is your best friend a book-lover and you need to find something great for her? Or are you looking for a little something for that impossible-to-shop-for relative who is always holed away in her room reading a book? This list is for you! Enjoy. Also, happy birthday to all those great people who love to read as much as I do!

1. Obvious State Literary Mug

My favorite time to read is early on a weekend morning. I roll out of bed, make myself a cup of coffee, curl up on the sofa with a warm blanket and lose myself in a good book. Obvious State is a great company for all book-lovers to know...they have great posters, tote bags, and, of course, mugs. I think the designs are beautiful and the quotes are witty.

2. Pop Chart Lab Scratch-Off Poster

My mom surprised me with this poster and I think it is so beautiful. You can't tell in this picture but the scratch off part is metallic gold (not the drab tan color that it appears to be below.) I will probably never scratch off the books because I think it is so pretty just the way it is. Just a few weeks after I received this poster in the mail, my friend texted me a link to the poster saying I should get it for myself. So obviously this is a great gift for all your bookish friends! Find more clever posters from Pop Chart, here.

3. Reading Socks

Blogging is such a weird and interesting thing, I'm kind of obsessed with the analytics - I love seeing what interests people and which posts are the most popular. By far, my post about Banned Books has been my post read post since starting this blog back in March. So when I saw these Banned Books socks by Out of Print, I knew I had to include them in my round up of birthday presents for book lovers. Out of Print has quite a few great gift ideas, check out more of their products here.

4. A nice purse that can hold a book

I recently purchased a Rebecca Minkoff purse big enough that I could carry around a book with me at all times. I had a number of requirements: 1) it needed to be a cross-body so that I could walk around the city with my hands free; 2) it had to have an outside pocket for my phone so that I can easily access it; 3) it needed to be black so that it would look good with everything; 4) it had to be big enough to fit an average hard-back book; 5) it needed to be good quality so that I wouldn't have to replace it anytime soon; 5) it needed to be fashionable, but without risk of going out of style any time soon. The result was a bag very similar to this one (I think my version is no longer available.)

Rebecca Minkoff Love Cross Body Bag, Black, One Size
Rebecca Minkoff Handbags

5. Personal Library Kit

I live in a tiny one-bedroom apartment in the heart of Chicago, so once I've finished reading a book I immediately donate it to a Little Free Library - I have absolutely no bookshelf space for books I've already read. BUT, someday, when I own my own place and have a little more space, I hope to have a reading room or library. If your bookworm friend likes to keep books after she's read them, then she might appreciate this personal library kit. How fun would it be to have a record of which friends you've loaned your books out to?

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