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Go High

Go High

Book Feature - Go High: The Unstoppable Presence and Poise of Michelle Obama by M. Sweeney

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HBL Note: One of my favorite quotes from Michelle Obama is, “When they go low, we go high.” She had an abundance of presence and poise. This book is full of beautiful images of the former First Lady, primarily from her White House days, combined with quotes from 2007 through 2017. This would make a beautiful gift for a graduate who could use a little inspiration as they embark on their next chapter. It serves double-duty as a beautiful coffee table book in their new apartment that could use a little decoration with substance. Scroll down to read more about this book.

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From the publisher:

The editor of Hugs from Obama presents this photographic celebration of the former first lady’s elegance and strength in Go High: The Unstoppable Presence and Poise of Michelle Obama.

Featuring more than 50 full-color photographs illustrating her warmth, wisdom, and belief in a bright future, this one-of-a-kind collection highlights Michelle Obama’s compassion, verve, and dynamic approach to unifying people from all walks of life. Each picture is accompanied by some of her most compelling words―inspirational quotes sharing her earnest expression that the United States of America is a place of unity, fairness, vitality, and optimism.

A perfect gift book for mothers and graduates, Go High revisits the beloved first lady’s heartfelt embrace of the American people, and her persistent encouragement to always lift one another up, reach higher, and rise to the occasion.

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