Hello, my name is Ashley Hasty.


For seven years I taught fashion history, visual merchandising, and branding to upperclassmen at Indiana University. I adopted the flipped classroom approach and designed courses that encouraged students to actively engage in their learning by getting up out of their seats and visiting the many galleries and special collections on campus and in the community. I still have a strong passion for teaching, but these days I'm taking a more nontraditional approach through this blog.

My interests include reading (obvi), visiting art and history museums, eating out at new restaurants, and traveling. This year I have trips planned to Chicago, Seattle, Kansas City, Kauai, San Diego, Lake of the Ozark, Palm Springs, and Cabo!

Hasty Book List started as a hashtag on Instagram so I could keep track of the books I've read and refer back to it when my friends asked me for recommendations. As my list developed, I received requests to expand my reviews beyond a few sentences and to add ratings.

I am always open to book recommendations, but my list of to-reads is already longer than a lifetime's worth of reading.

I hope you enjoy perusing my list of books! I love to hear when people have enjoyed a book I've recommended. Keep in touch!