Review Policy

Thank you for your interest in my reading preferences and review policy. I am eager to hear from you and I would love to read your book, if time permits!

Please note that I accept books for consideration only. I cannot guarantee a review, given my time constraints (this is not my full-time job!) Coverage consideration is for my blog, Hasty Book List, my social media channels (Instagram: @ashleyhasty; Twitter: @ahastylife; Facebook: Hasty Book List; Goodreads: Ashley Hasty) and any other online or print publication to which I choose to submit my work.

Here’s a bit more about how coverage works on Hasty Book List: 

I usually read 6-8 books each month. Of these…

  • I post a review of every single book I read on Hasty Book List and all of my social media accounts (listed above.)

  • I mention all of the books I read each month in my monthly newsletter.

  • I feature one book each month in Hasty Book List's monthly Virtual Book Club.

If you wish to guarantee a particular type of coverage or coverage at a specific time, you may want to consider hiring me to write a sponsored book review.

Due to the increasing number of requests, I am only able to review books as hard copies (no pdfs, e-galley or digital galley forms, please.) Do you have an audio recording of your book? Even better! I get through about half of my books by listening to them on my commute!

Genres I Like: I love love love historical fiction - when I'm looking for a book to really draw me in and allow me to forget everything else, I choose historical fiction. Perhaps you don't know this about me, but I have a Ph.D. in fashion history - so I'm a big fan of history in general. But what I love about historical fiction is that it has the ability to teach others about history in a fun an entertaining way. I often find myself researching more about the topic after I read the fictional version of it. I also read a lot of memoirs and biographies, especially by artists, fashion designers, architects, powerful women, and entertainers. Of course a good mystery is hard to pass up - I tend to get engrossed and captivated by the "who did it?!" and "what happened?!" that I just can't put the book down. I like to fly through these books quickly. I also read a lot of general fiction and some young adult (we can all be reminded of our youth every now and again.)

Series: I have commitment issues when it comes to series. Just know that in advance (I didn't even finish the Harry Potter series...okay, I never even started it. There are just so many books! The time commitment scared me.) If you want me to review a series, it better be historical fiction (do those exist?! I don't think I've seen any...) And I'll probably want to read them in order, so if you want me to review a book in a series, please send me all preceding books as well.

Unsolicited Books: I am very open to receiving unsolicited books (reminder: I'm more likely to read them if they are hard copy or recorded as an audio book.) I can’t promise to read or review unsolicited books, but know they are appreciated!

Blog Tours: I would love to participate in your blog tour - especially if the author is willing to do a guest post, participate in an interview or question and answer session, or offer a book giveaway for Hasty Book List fans.

Like what you see? Have other ideas not mentioned here? You can pitch me here.