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Kathleen Glassburn

Kathleen Glassburn

Author Interview - Kathleen Glassburn

Author I draw inspiration from: Richard Russo -- He has a great new book entitled The Destiny Thief - Essays on Writing, Writers, and Life

Favorite place to read a book: My family room with garden in background through floor-to-ceiling windows

Book character I’d like to be stuck in an elevator with: Count Alexander Rostov from A Gentleman in Moscow

The moment I knew I wanted to become an author: The moment I could read

Hardback, paperback, ebook or audiobook: Paperback.

The last book I read: Gracelin O'Malley by Ann Moore

Pen & paper or computer: Both -- I write my initial scenes and exposition with a pencil, then transfer to a typed document

Book character I think I’d be best friends with: Gracelin O'Malley

If I wasn’t an author, I’d be a: Thoroughbred horse breeder

Favorite decade in fashion history: 1810-1820 -- Think Jane Austen -- Empire waists, low necklines, floaty, figure-clinging fabrics

Place I’d most like to travel: Always Ireland -- again and again and again

My signature drink: Brandy

Favorite artist: Corot

Number one on my bucket list: Perfect my French

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Arrangement in Black: Girl Reading | 1880/90 | James McNeill Whistler

Arrangement in Black: Girl Reading | 1880/90 | James McNeill Whistler

Making it Work

Making it Work