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Sophie Jordan

Sophie Jordan

Author Interview - Sophie Jordan

Author I draw inspiration from: There are so many! When I first started writing historical romances, I was a huge Johanna Lindsey fan. She definitely inspired me. Currently, there are so many historical romance authors that are breathing new life into the genre: Sarah MacLean, Joanna Shupe and Lisa Berne.  

Favorite place to read a book: in a bubble bath!

Book character I’d like to be stuck in an elevator with: Ohhh ... probably Anne from Anne of Green Gables. She would be memorable.

The moment I knew I wanted to become an author: I was probably in eighth grade and had fallen in love with romance novels. I couldn't devour them fast enough. I knew then that I had to write them.

Hardback, paperback, ebook or audiobook: I've returned to loving paperbacks these days .... holding an actual book in my hands. I still read ebooks a bit ... and rarely do I listen to audio.

The last book I read: Naima Simone's SCORING OFF THE FIELD - fabulous sexy book!

Pen & paper or computer: Alphasmart

Book character I think I’d be best friends with: Amy from THE MAGIC OF YOU

If I wasn’t an author, I’d be a: a chef or still teaching English.

Favorite decade in fashion history: 1940s

Place I’d most like to travel: I've already been there but I want to go back to Scotland

My signature drink: wine

Favorite artist: I'm a sucker for Waterhouse. It's probably the romance novelist in me

Number one on my bucket list: I've already done several items on my bucket list...most of my items are places to visit. I still want to go to Iceland.

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