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25 Authors and the Book Characters They'd be Best Friends With

25 Authors and the Book Characters They'd be Best Friends With

25 Authors and the Book Characters They'd be Best Friends With

In celebration of National Girlfriends Day tomorrow, I’m sharing the book characters that these authors would be best friends with.

Lisa Becker Author Headshot 2018.jpg

Lisa Becker

Tibby, Carmen, Bridget and Lena from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I think everyone deserves a group of BFFs with that level of love, support, honesty and acceptance.

S. H. Kamal ap1.JPG

Sheena Kamal

Merry or Pippin from Lord Of The Rings. These are my people. We'll eat a few breakfasts, have some ale and tell each other stories about how we vanquished our enemies and saved the world.

Rachel Khong (color) by Andria Lo.jpg

Rachel Khong

Mrs. Piggle Wiggle

SophieJordanCREDITCountry Park Portraits.jpg

Sophie Jordan


Hannah Tunnicliffe (c) Jody Lidstrone, I Do Photography.jpg

Hannah Tunnicliffe

I’d be so upset if Anne Shirley Cuthbert Blythe and I weren’t kindred spirits.


Kathleen Glassburn

Gracelin O'Malley

Maria Hummel Author photo by Karen Pike copy.jpg

Maria Hummel

Ruth Galloway

ELN head shot (s).jpg

Eva Lesko Natiello

Pippi Longstocking

Therese Anne Fowler B&W_credit John Kessel hi res.jpg

Jennifer Graeser Dornbush

Anne of Green Gables. I think we would be kindred spirits. I grew up a lot like Anne. Not an orphan, but playing outside in the fields and woods and making up all kinds of games and stories. As a child, I had a vivid imagination and a bountiful spirit.


Francesca Hornak

Caroline Bender in The Best Of Everything by Rona Jaffe


Patricia Harman

Laura Ingalls in the Little House in the Prairie books. She a little bit naughty…wants to be good like her sister Mary, but can’t help herself.

Michelle Peach - Author Headshot.jpg

Michelle Peach

I think again Bridget Jones. She would make me laugh and I love to laugh. She reminds me of myself when I was single with her social awkwardness, anxieties and self-consciousness. But she has her strengths because she is kind, well-meaning and determined. I would love to know her now that she would be in her fifties. I believe she would be a great and loyal best friend.

Kathy Wang author photo (c) Nina Subin.jpg

Kathy Wang

Bridget Jones!

Marlee Grace Author Photo.png

Marlee Grace

Hermione Granger

lydia redwine.jpg

Lydia Redwine

Emily Byrd Starr from Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Emily trilogy. She is as close to a character as I will ever be. A dreamer and a writer with an infinity for all things beautiful, Emily is wishful and determined to succeed to both writing and learning of being a human. She would understand me better than any other character I can think of.

High res Simone St. James photo credit Adam Hunter.jpg

Simone St. James

Evelyn Hugo from The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Jennifer Robson author photo_credit Natalie Brown Tangerine Photo.JPG

Jennifer Robson

Eleanor Roosevelt. Assuming I could keep up with her!

Lynda Loigman_Credit Randy Matusow.jpg

Lynda Cohen Loigman

When I was little, I always wanted to be friends with Francie Nolan from A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. She loved to read, and she used to sit out on her fire escape with a library book and a bowl of peppermint candies. I love to eat candy while I read, so I absolutely think we would have understood each other.

Beth Kendrick_credit Anna Peña headshot 2018.jpg

Beth Kendrick

Well, I know I’d be besties with Summer Benson, the heroine who kicked off the Black Dog Bay series. Writing is just a socially acceptable way to have imaginary friends.

Elise Hooper author photo_credit Chris Landry Photography.jpg

Elise Hooper

I’ve always imagined that Anne Shirley and I would have been kindred spirits.


LS Hawker

Elsie Arnold from Nancy Allen's Ozark Mysteries series. She's hilarious, smart, and quirky.


Hallie Heald

Antoinette Conway in The Trespasser by Tana French


Pam Jenoff

Ramona Quimby.

Katy Regan,Photo © Louis Quail 2017 .jpg

Katy Regan

In terms of the classics, Emma from ‘Emma’ by Jane Austen, too - she seems like a lot of (meddling) fun!

Susan Gloss Author Photo.JPG

Susan Gloss

Caroline Murphy from Kristy Woodson Harvey's Peachtree Bluff series. She's smart, snarky, speaks her mind, and is loyal.

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